Friday, May 7, 2021

Finding Meaning In Life

"Finding the Meaning in Life - Fulfillment" is the written narrative from a speech I presented.

This speech was presented within a specific time limit, whereas I had to contribute the information in summary format. The speech indicates a flow of empirical knowledge formulated within aspects of life, intermixed with the knowledge of objective realities. Followed by a basic formula to find the Meaning in Life, leaving the detail to be included in a more definitive article, and also, a programme for each individual. This programme has relevance for each and all of us if we truly want to find our own Meaning in Life.

"Finding the Meaning in Life - Fulfillment"

If I said to you: "You don't find the meaning in life by doing something, but rather, find the meaning of life first, and then you do something in life that has meaning." ...Would you understand?

Many lifetimes ago, I sat on the balcony after achieving something else in life and said: "What now?"  I realized then it was never going to end. The next achievement and next and next. It seemed so superficial. From that point in life I decided to find more meaning in life. I decided to question everything in my life from a child. Why did my parents raise me like they did, why did I go to school, why was I educated, why did I get a job, why did I look for pleasure, why did I get married, why did I have children; Why, Why, Why?

I eventually realized we have all been programmed to fit into the economic system for it's survival. If we weren't programmed to attend school, get a job and then spend money, our mechanistic society would cease to exist. We were all told the meaning of life and fulfillment comes from our economic success, but it is all a lie because people don't feel fulfilled as they always look externally for meaning and fulfillment. The reality is: personal meaning and fulfillment only surfaces from within and in turn gives us autonomy over our lives.

I've observed and known people with money, success and power. They continue to look for something. Never stopping to reflect on their behaviour but rather planning their next adventure and purchase. Accumulating more money and an addiction to this power. They become subservient to their emotional economic dyslexia where it is unable to be stopped as the emotional addiction loops continually through their body and life. I want, I want....

I remember a family of 4. Two adults and young children who possessed three houses. One to live in and two investment properties. To do this they dropped their children off to daycare at 7am and picked them up at 6pm five days a week. At the end of the year they used to take them to Disneyland as they felt guilty. How are these children going to grow up? With a sense of implicit loss, a sense of unbelonging as the parents have consciously placed mechanistic economic advantage over love nurturing. And the child will continue this trend in life as they have been programmed to believe it is life. Yet, always sensing a loss, and not knowing why.

I have seen it all - anxiety, stress, depression and some serious mental health problems. The predominant reason for these mental problems is the persons inability to find meaning in life, a struggle to find fulfillment, contentment and belonging. Unable to find inner peace in our economic society. Forever trying to establish a reason for their problems and never finding an answer because they have been programmed to believe our society will bring meaning to self - and it doesn't.

  People look for escape from the inner turmoil of living in our society; ever based on competitiveness and a need for more. Always wanting to do more, where the end is never in reach. To relieve this life's loop they resort to alcohol, medication, entertainment and primitive pleasure, to numb the implicit feeling of un-belonging to themselves, where purchases fill this need temporarily. What if I said you are able to find your personal Meaning in Life which gives you the autonomy to feel meaning and then choose what you do which has a more profound reality? Would you like that? It is possible.

  So what are the Fundamentals in Finding the Meaning in Life?

(1) Know the knowledge of how you operate as a human psychosomatic-ally. That is, how your brain operates and how your body operates and how they communicate with each other. Feel how you think; feel how your body is communicating; feel your connection with something more profound than society can offer. Be in touch with yourself through your own energy field. It is not taught yet it is real, enlightening and liberating.

(2) Eat and drink healthily. This enables your body and brain to communicate at a level of Pure-Self - the Divinity of Self and enables your connection with nature. 

One small glass of water per hour as this is the conductor of our energy field and keeps natural flow.

(3) Exercise - Muscle and Cardio. As we age muscles deteriorate. Increasing muscle strength enables our bodies to facilitate improved health through strength communication. Commence a regime, at least 3 times a week, to increase your body muscles with weight training. Cardio:  a casual stroll on the beach is not enough - 45 minutes per day with some deep labored breathing. This improves our psychological self and sets free mental abnormalities. 
It allows us to grow as a person as it is a natural progression towards Pure-Self.

(4) Sexuality. Naked embrace and touch is intrinsically connected to nature. If you are alone this connection can be achieved by touching and arousing Self, towards the realm of nature's desire - the divine attachment to self and nature - leading to fulfillment though the release of this energy. If you feel an energy field of connection with someone, naked touch and embrace is the natural realm of this energy field, and a natural extension of your connection to that person; enabling you to separate from societies restrictiveness, and enjoy the moment with more depth.

The purpose in life is to touch our inner self, where we find life is not projected as society dictates. But rather life has a connection to self and in turn a connection to nature. We have a divine intelligence if we reach it with knowledge; and the only way to this knowledge is to know ourselves. From here we transcend to personal liberty.

If I said to you: "You don't find the meaning in life by doing something, but rather, find the meaning of life first, and then you do something in life that has meaning." ...Would you understand?

(c) Mitchell Zen